Thursday 23 May 2013


This group has the ambiguous or even agnostically indecisive name of Flowers or Razorwire - but we can shorten this, and it seems officially so, to FOR. I will call them the latter. Three characters is easier than twenty for sure.

Good. Now that we've got that out of the way, I can start properly. Well, FOR is a duo (as you can see from the picture - although their bio on their label's site states that it's just one guy) from Trani, Italy, who started making music in 2009. Fast-forward to now and they have a nicely polished sound that combines a few different elements to come up with bouncy, sunny pop with a groovesome groove that just makes you want to shuffle dance on a cloud.

What we have is this bassline that is obviously so noticeable that I have to write about it first and foremost. Yes indeed. It's slap-bass style with a bit of wah-wah thrown into the mix for a decidedly funky groove, one that slides around the notes with glistening brilliance. On top of this there's a constant guitar stab straight outta some 70s funk, a lovely decoration to an already superb foundation. With piano chords and an 80s-style hollow synth zooming around, too, the mix cradles within it a heart that is decidedly in the summers of the past.

Here is the video. Lots of bubblegum bubbles: retro, just like the song.

To put the icing on the cake, the yelp-singing vocals provide a distinct pop hook - though turned on its head with the ripe use of lo-fi aesthetic in its presentation. Can't understand too many of the words but that's not a problem - the sound and pattern of still be stuck in my head. I think that having a nice song stuck in your head is a bit like sucking on a lemon drop or some other boiled sweet that can't be crunched but enjoyed slowly: lingeringly tasty.

This was released on independent Italian record label Snowy Peach.

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