Friday 17 May 2013


Well for some reason or another I just haven't been paying attention to Mount Kimbie. I actually thought it was Mount Kimble at first - maybe that put me off. C'est la vie or whatever, it's not a problem, because now I have been alerted by my spidey senses to pay more attention in future. Not real spidey senses, just eyes that could read whenever it was that I saw the first tweet mentioning that Mount Kimbie (I keep wanting to type Kimble) had made a song with King Krule - that sealed the deal.

I really enjoy King Krule. I wrote about his very cool song 'Rock Bottom' at the end of last year, a song that displays Mr Krule's visceral slurring spoken-word-talk-singing quite perfectly. In it he payed homage to The Streets and takes off where it seems Jamie T stopped (two UK artists, if you didn't know; you should check them both out if you like Krule's stuff). I was very happy to hear an even more guttural KK spit every word out with more than an ounce of aggressive, tortured spirit on 'You Took Your Time', sounding at times like an animal in pain. Not in a bad way, of course; in a wow-what-feeling kind of way.

Here it is. Brace yourselves.

I regret now not having listened to Mount Kimbie before now. Soft synths begin a foray into slow garage beat, with a clinically clean crack of a snare and a fizzy cymbal that sounds like rain pattering outside a window. The synth becomes more organ-like at around the halfway point of the song, mournful and crunchy, enjoying its undisturbed vigil before the cymbal comes back, heralding the march on into the noise that follows. It's glorious noise though. Satisfying and affecting.

KK's tone becomes even more threatening, almost barking out the words, shouting and growling, his words taken by Mount Kimble and given a loud echo that yelps in the background as the beat becomes more brutal and tribal yet still keeping that garage rhythm. The bass shudders and shakes you and the music twangs melodiously in amongst the chaos. The ending, with the bare drums and raw shouts of KK, is a great end indeed.

I apologise to Mount Kimbie for ignoring them before. This song btw comes from their upcoming album Cold Spring Fault Less Youth, out 27th May on Warp Records.

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