Wednesday 15 May 2013


This is the quite lovely and nice sound of a little band from America called ON AN ON with a song called 'Ghosts'. Yes, I'm doing it again, the song is old, blah blah blah.

Who cares. Maybe I should even just stop pointing that fact out. It's late and I'm tired. Sorry.

There is something about this song that is quite magical. To be honest, this style is not the kind of music that I'd listen to out of choice - the intro sounds a bit like THAT Snow Patrol song, for one, and that put me off straight away. But I am quite happy to say that my opinion changed quite quickly. There's so much going in the song in terms of interesting sounds and dynamics and stuff that makes it really nice to listen to. When I first listened a few weeks ago I was watching the video below along with it. Suffice to say it's mesmerising.


I love the faraway vocals (first lyrics are fab) and the endless quality of the gently strummed guitar, in fact the endless quality of the whole thing - it is a panoramic camera forever turning slowly around a mountain scene with cold clouds and marching pines, with smoke coming from some undefined point that drifts just as endlessly. That's what I get from it. A nice expansive sound.

But there are also really quality details that just make my ear hairs tingle when I hear them. The sometimes explosive drum snare, like a pile of cardboard boxes toppling over, is wonderful, as are a lot of the drum noises: especially the barely-audible taps and the lush paradiddles that pop out of the jumble of guitar sounds. There is also a very nice guitar noise at about 3 minutes 30 in the video. The bass, too, especially when it is alone at that same break in the song sounds gorgeous and clean-yet-unpolished. Never thought I'd be going into such raptures over this kind of indie-rock-I-guess but this one's good innit. Comes from album Give In which is out now.

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