Friday 31 May 2013


I really like this kind of music at the moment. It's kinda deep house infused with garage and a real sensibility for tunes of the recent past or present (Cyril Hahn's remixes, for instance, are a perfect example, and Tropics' original songs, too) - very nice atmosphere with a totally danceable soul paraded around on soft beats and skipping hi-hats, all blanketed in a laid-back chill.

And very fortunately, I found a new purveyor of that kind of sound: The Golden Boy. (I think just Golden Boy would sound better, but it ain't my name so). The song in question is like 6 months old, but here at Yes/No Music, I don't care very much about that. It is, I suppose, a kind of remix but more an original song, using samples - mad good samples, lowered in tone - from Lauryn Hill's 'Doo-Wop (That Thing)'. A great original to work from with some great vocals, for sure.

Coming from Birmingham, The Golden Boy (aka real life human Dominic Hammonds) has a very nice, totally UK style that grips onto garagey roots with unwavering and absolute certainty. This knows what it is: a tune.

It's the kind of song that paints a picture both of night and day simultaneously, an empty-road urban evening with the streetlights casting their dingy orange glow over everything, or a sunny day in the city completely bustling with people looking for shade. That's what I get.

The samples are great though, used perfectly especially after the first drop when the synth chords come in, measuring the beat in their punctually off-beat way. The break is great, when the whole of the chorus of Lauryn's original plays above a soothing, low synth strings, a breathing space in the song, and something that allows the listener to get what was teasing them the whole time (the chorus in full). But then again, this song isn't a teaser of something more: it's an original song which has been decorated with a carefully chosen, and skilfully utilised, sample, all to the tune of a very urban, UK-flavoured concoction.

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