Thursday 16 May 2013


I love samples. Within reason, mind you. But generally, I do love to hear a sample - especially when it's a really good one. Like now. But the unfortunate thing is not knowing where the the sample originally came from! Shock horror! I end up thinking too much about it, wondering awkwardly whether I should know where the sample came from or not - is it an inside joke? Something I just haven't heard? We're not meant to know it? GOOD GRIEF!

And yeah, as usual, it's the case in this song. Though fortunately my awkward agnostic ignorance doesn't actually dent my opinion of a song. Nope. I like em just as well as when I do know where the sample comes from. Wow why do I leave this stuff in? In any case, allow me to introduce the intriguingly heavy 'Is It True?' by MYRRYRS. I wonder about people's names too. Like, is MYRRYR just the phonetic spelling of the American pronunciation of 'mirror'? I just don't know. But I want to know. Is it true?

There are quite a few nice samples in here, including the eponymous "Is it true?" (but cutting some of the original song with it - perfection in imperfection), used effectively as an instrument themselves. I really like how the song starts: as bare bones. Just that sample and a click that claks slightly off-kilter. Then soon we see the bones fleshed out, almost like a Making Music For Dummies lesson - us being the dummies of course, whilst MYRRYRS breezes past us to add all the bells and whistles on in the form of frozen cymbals and a steady kick with impressive dynamism. There's an isolated "Wooooo!" just after the cymbals first come in that really makes use of the space between other sounds to - it comes in again at other times, too.

In amongst all the very low-end sub-bass and samples there is space for the song to breathe, and I think that's something that's quite hard to learn. At what point in a song's life does one say, "alright, ok, no more, stop trying now, it's fine"? MYRRYRS certainly seems to know, allowing each and every one of his polished sounds to shine on their own without being jumbled together too much. Nice song with juicy samples that actually make my mouth water.

This song, by the way, comes from his Southside Horror EP, out 28th May on LA-based label, Body High.

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