Monday 6 May 2013


I don't think there's a lot to say about this track. It's just really good. I love this slow kind of vibe with a synth that seems to wind its way into your very soul, you know the kind I mean? Yeah, no, well it's like this track. Kinda 'trap' I guess if you're "into" genres or have that sad affliction genreosis (s/o). Whatever. Anyway, this is great. And, again - as seems to be rather an annoying habit these days - I'm like two years too late. Wtf amirite? Still - it's a great tune, and one that does not fail to get my mind completely scraped out, mixed with ice shavings and lime juice, poured back into my skull with peach juice and maybe a little rum and sipped gently by some spirit of music. Such is the tuneture of this tune.

So without further ado, not including this sentence, here is Clicks & Whistles with the slow jamz ice-cold-red-hot attitudinal masterpiece that is 'Neva Get Caught'.

Was I wrong? Totally not. I love the slow tip-tapping intro to this one, unassuming yet full of energy like a distant black cloud charged with all the power of a storm: that's how this song ends up. Soon we're delving into a world defined by sun-melted synths and chilled laid-back beats dotted with other percussion, like some noisy musical jungle. Nice nice nice. I just love the way the synth is toyed with, brought here and there, pulled and stretched like a nice bit of cheese into different shapes - vocal samples are nice too, just add to the vibe of the song, slow and low-slung. Enjoy this song. And enjoy more of Clicks & Whistles.

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