Thursday 23 May 2013


Yuurei is a Japanese word (written as 幽霊) and it means 'ghost' or 'phantom'. Nice word. Picture a dangling-handed white-clothed blue-faced ghost with long black hair a mournful expression and you're halfway there. Sadako from The Ring, basically. Pretty spooky eh.

Thankfully this track 'Yuurei' by the cutesily named Twigs & Yarn is not even a jot as spooky as its namesake. In fact, it's not really spooky at all. It's more like a beautiful, blissful dream - totally detached from the world at large and instead floating above it on some heavenly plane looking down at the bustling madness that is the Earth with a serene smile. In terms of the afterlife, this is the dreamy kind - not the nasty kind. Phew

It's an ambient kinda dream-laden track with a vocal sample that sings beautifully reverbed lo-fi backwards-sounding and wholly unintellgible. At the same time, another sings a plaintive 'la-la-la' echoing discreetly in the background; these two both drip their prettiness onto the wide, gentle bass of the song.

Waoeee. It's so nice. And there are a few ambient noises that add to the feeling of ethereal peace that the song emanates, spiritual shrine sounds like trickling water and bells tinkling - it's like being in a relaxation spa in the middle of Shinto shrine floating down a river or something. A great vibe and something that gives me hope for a new project that Twigs & Yarn (duo "S. Orsak and L. McMurray" from Austin, USA) are working on, called Hungry Ghost - cool.

This is on Tokyo-based label Flau.

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