Sunday 26 May 2013


Hello. There is some music that is created with such an atmosphere, music that evokes different fantasy worlds almost, ones that you can taste on the tip of your tongue and feel on your skin like rays of light from the sky of a world with two suns; or if that scares you, just a regular perfect-world version of our own world. Colours alive, gentle breezes, mild nights.

Yeah yeah, this is the kind of vibe that inhabits 'Getting To Know You' by Spazzkid - but who is that? Well otherwise known by the real world name of Mark Redito, he comes from Manila but currently resides in LA. What he has created is a sonic wonderland, the perfect scenery for the passing of a perfect day, a beautiful escapist soundtrack that bursts with carefree electricity and popping colours that paint the fantasy-land as it moves along, like a stage from Yoshi's Island or something.

I suppose in a way the song is reflective of its title: it illustrates all the butterflies and small smiles that accompany the sweet feeling of getting to know somebody that you already know that you like a lot. It's sentimental without being emotional, capturing instead the side of emotion that triggers haphazard happiness. See fo yo self.

Cutesy synth piano sets down the melody and cut-up acoustic guitar chords gives the song its foundation, to which a nicely modulated bass responds in kind. Interestingly, the whole song is backed with a dubstep beat - I don't like saying that though because it makes the song sound as though it is a "dubstep" song, which it ain't. It's a half-speed drum and bass rhythm, giving it a laid-back-yet-restless feel. Vocal samples feature throughout, yet are at their best in the song's halfway breakdown, when the beat is given room to breathe - here the vocal samples are chopped up and used as an instrument themselves. At this point, too, a solo synth melds over the top: lovely sound, like a stylophone.

Towards the end, a nerf-machine-gun type popping synth sound - a synth tom drum, maybe? - crazes its way towards the finish. A very electro-pop sound, in a world of cute-chill. There are also vocals from Mr Spazzkid himself, lo-fi and reverberated, that pop up just a few times in the song. Overall, everything in this song comes along in such varied ways and the dynamics are played with - it's a playground of sound that is just too fun not to listen to at least twice in a row upon first hearing. I know I did.

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