Saturday 4 May 2013


First wrote about Clams Casino like two years ago, in particular his two beautiful instrumental tracks 'I'm God' and 'Motivation'. That seems like a long time ago now. In music years, it is rather a long time. In internet years, it's ages and ages ago. I feel like a different person now. Mr Clams Casino himself, however, hasn't changed all that much; well, I don't know him, so I can't say that for sure. But what I can say is that his beats do not fail to impress.

That's unless you measure everything comparatively to what's gone on in the past - yes despite this being 'a good song' or 'a song that sounds good', people have damned it as 'no way as good as i'm god/motivation omg u sukkkk'. Pretty much that. Whining and whinging blah-blah-blah-ness of the fickle know-it-alls and unreflective want-more-and-mores - have an opinion, sure, but don't completely disregard a song cause it ain't up to scratch. The past cannot be surpassed? Whatever happened to live and learn? Empirical living? Bah, let's continue.

Here's 'Bookfiend' created by Clams Casino with vocals from Doom (officially MF Doom - Metal Face Doom). Didn't know who this guy was (lol?) so just looked him up. Interesting. Real name Daniel Dumile. The rhymes are surprising but then again I didn't know what to expect at all. They certainly fit in with the slowdown-sludge feel of Clams' sleepy-strong beats.

As soon as the bass kicks in it seems to granulate everything else that you're doing at the same time - that's the thing, the older stuff was the same: all-encompassing, lolling rhythms that become your world for however long the song lasts. The start of this one is tricky, begins as if it may continue playfully, but yeah that bass explodes and Doom begins... the synchronicity between the duration of the bass beams and Doom's deep-growl bars is pretty impressive I have to say. Good rhymes. I like picking up on little phrases in the rap that particularly jump out: like "Netflix to the head" - not sure what it's all about, but I like the words he uses and the way he uses them. An almost perfect harmony between rapper and producer here.

Will there be more from this dream team? Dunno.

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