Friday 31 May 2013


Music arrives from all corners of the world, and it takes you to as many places as well (depending where in the music industry you fit), but as for the former it's certainly true. Music can come from anywhere. And it can surprise you. Especially if you think "cool" music "only" comes from "America" or "England". Cause that ain't true at all. And I think with the last couple of months' worth of music on this site, I think I've proven that good music can come from anywhere. Yep. Even Italy, as I showed last week with FOR's 'Lemme Burn', which is where Lies come from (the music group, not the exponents of mendacity themselves).

Lies is yet another duo, comprised of Oscar Cini and Piero (no surname?), who are from Irpinia, southern Italy - a lovely sunny place, I imagine, far from the struggling summer of the UK. Mr Cini, specifically, sent me some of their music and I was rather taken aback with their hypnotic track 'Escape I/S/M/'. Long story short: I like the song, and here it is.

You could say that I was swayed by the video, but that ain't true. Whilst it provides a perfectly mesmerising visual perspective of the song, it is not integral to its existence. No video is. I like this song's steady beat, sounding like a heart working in chill-mode, with far-off snare claps sounding like slaps of the sea against rock with all their washing reverb. Equally steady is the slow and simple bassline running under everything like a reliable cheesecake base.

Gradually the beat becomes more complex, more components added in, clicks, dinks, hi-hats, and as this happens the song is gradually suffused with ambient synth sounds - alongside the founding two note soft synth begins to fly a more soaring fizz. And the samples put the icing on this cake, especially considering the mesmerising side of things; the endless repetition of these wordless vocals spin round and round your head. Yet it's not intense, it's totally chill.

Anyways, this song comes from Lies' latest album Escaping Colours, out on StrikeBack. Recordings.

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