Friday 29 June 2012


Lightships brings us some nice, ear-friendly music. Though not terribly exciting, it isn't terribly offensive either. It sits modestly in the middle of the road. I did really enjoy the way the song opened up, with those muffled/distorted guitars broiling in a light soup of beats and soft, crooning vocals. But lacks excitement, and I love excitement.

Teeters on that rickety fence, which bears the rear-end marks of many bands and much music, between 'YES (this is wonderful)' and 'NO (it isn't)'.

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Monday 25 June 2012


I saw this song this morning. I listened to it quite soon after that. The only thing that I couldn't understand was why YACHT were now singing in French. Must be a remix, I thought. So I went and Googled 'Le Goudron' to see who'd done it before. Turns out it's a pretty famous number by Brigitte Fontaine, with some strange folksy/psychedelic acoustic guitar accompanying her singing.

Well, YACHT decided to create a revisioning of the song. And really I didn't say remix because the only things that stay the same are Brigitte Fontaine's voice and the original song's repetitive melody. Maybe it's more correct to call it a cover.

In any case, it is now an electro house masterpiece of open hi hats fizzing with white noise and modulated bass synth. With the French vocals this song actually sounds like it could've been produced by a French DJ or band, someone like Sexy Sushi - it has a similar sound to French electro stuff.

Listen listen listen.

I really like it. The clackety, distorted synths start bolting around like thunder towards the end of the track as Brigitte's surreal refrain whips around like wind: "Le temps est un bâteau, la terre est un gâteau".

Time is a boat, Earth is a cake.

The song, anyway, comes from YACHT's Le Goudron on DFA Records and was released 93 years ago. Just joking - April 13th 2012. Another song on the album is the floaty and friendly 'I'll Be Your Mirror'.

Again this is a cover-type song, of Velvet Underground's 1967 original. This re-treatment, again, works really well. It's understated and beautifully cute. Nice one YACHT. Bobby Birdman's remix of 'Le Goudron' is really cool too (LISTEN TO THAT HERE).

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I've been listening to this song like pretty much all of the past weekend. It's very different to what's going on currently. It's a touching homage to 80s pop and 90s house music - hence the title, thanks to its stabbing piano chords - and a song filled with warmth. The synth is great and expansive and muddy and it sounds like a well of feeling overflowing. The beat is deliciously old-school.

The lyrics are something else. I won't transcribe them because that'd just be stupid. Listen to the song yourself - hear the words for yourself. The main thing is that it's inherently sad, with a hopelessly optimistic overtone that gives the song its major key kind of vibe.

Yes, this is 'House' by Kindness and it's absolutely wonderful.

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Monday 18 June 2012


Early on a Monday morning, you don't want anything heavy really, do you? You don't want a heavy breakfast. You don't want a heavy... rain. And you don't want heavy music. That's why it's wonderful to go with something beautifully delicate, yet differing enough to keep you awake. This is Gang Colours wonderful new song 'To Repel Ghosts' (I'm a month late, whatever).

It's a great combination of aching vocals (a little like Sampha's), new-age lounge chill, electronic glitch and trip hop. The drum sounds are fragile and breathy, keeping time with a vibe that is too good not to be affected by. The piano chords that come in every now and again are perfect - resounding notes that herald relaxation with every new gentle touch on the keyboard. It is stunning. I love electronica like this. Absolute chillment.

Here's a remix by George FitzGerald.

Energetic, plus works perfectly. Nice isn't it? Not good for my head this time in the morning but - at other times, yes please.

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Wednesday 13 June 2012


Who are Age of Consent?

They are a duo who make good music, that's what. The single I came across today is 'Heartbreak'.

It's out now as a single on their Bandcamp page

With vocals that sound a little TV On The Radio-esque and a subtle, even stripped-down, electro heart beating like semi-human robot's pulse all the way through, it's a sign of good things to come from the London-based twosome.

There is a lovely 80s vibe of this track, evoked wonderfully with its rolling beat whose snare sounds like its right from an ancient drum machine. It is also displayed by the retro vox sounds that pop up every now and again. The layering of the synth altogether is verging on concertotic, being near-minimal in the verse, then towards the chorus building up and growing thicker with ever-increasing strata of electronic goodness.

Get one of your five a day.

And for fun, here is the Visions remix of the track. These are glitch-heavy electro poundings and modulated fizzings that bring to mind a kind of Justice Junior riding a go-kart around a mini race track.

Hyper distorted, well treated version of what is already a dancefloor-friendly track. Well done Visions.

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Monday 11 June 2012


This is the sound of Sacred Caves. It's simple, but not simplistic, vast, but not overwhelming, electro, but electro. It is electro. Pure and lovely. Like a pot of jam, it's the kind of thing you'll keep and use occasionally.

The song is called 'On The Outside'. Its success lies in its catchy bass melody, which is absolutely unchanging throughout. In the chorus parts, where a gloriously understated voice calls from what feels like a thousand miles away, sharp synth rises up like shark fins piercing a placid sea. They do nothing more than that, however. But then again, sometimes seeing the whole shark is a bit too much, don't you think?

Overall, though, the sound - with its full-bodied beats and psychic phantom harmonies - is fresh like a mint julep, and is a promising little taster that comes from their forthcoming EP, Sanctuarium, out July 31st (hausKat records).

Sacred Caves comes from the minds and souls of Greg Bertens and Nyles Lannon.

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