Saturday 25 May 2013


It's quite astounding sometimes how a song can turn from the most simple melody imaginable into something positively brimming with texture and a rising tide of sounds.

Well, this is exactly what Tel Aviv-based NoamiKo has done in his song 'Couch Surfer' - beginning with a simple acoustic guitar tune, just four notes, you can kind of tell the direction in which the song will go when the notes begin to vibrate glitchily. It's a masterclass in building up a castle of a track from a simple hillock of a tune. There are some lovely noises that go towards helping the song grow: electronic effects dousing the glitched-out acoustic guitar to go perfectly with the slow-heartbeat of the drums, a harpsichord-or-glockenspiel sound, the backwards chill beat vibe in general.

Lovely stuff - listen fo yo self.

See what I mean? It's a builder. And what's good is that it comes around full circle, too - a complete song with edges and everything, just like a shape, gradually moving from what it was to what it will be via what it is. Yep. From its glitch-folk beginnings, the song goes into an electro-ised Wild West theme, the vocals beginn to harmonise and multiply with plenty of echo over an epic-sounding thumping-and-rattling beat.

Very very nice, a rustic-future vibe here. It's just a shame that there aren't that many further uploads after 'Couch Surfer', which is about a year old as it is. So treasure this track!

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