Sunday 19 May 2013


I quite like After Eights. Who doesn't? Those little squares of dark chocolate with mint cream in the middle are delicious. I could eat a whole packet and it definitely doesn't need to be after 8pm, definitely not. Any time of day. Lunch. Before dinner. Elevenses. Afternoon tea. But not breakfast, don't be ridiculous. Tasty shiz that's for sure. Of course if you don't like mint then they ain't for you.

But this kind of After Eight is very different: this is 'After Eight' a song. Sorry for chocolate fans, this is actually a music site - can you hear the roflcopters circling? I can't. And this 'After Eight' is by Luxembourg-based artist Sun Glitters (aka Victor Ferreira). And really, the hint is in the name: this is chillwave or possibly closer to chiiiiillwave. You'll love this song whatever the weather or the whatever because it is chilled right out; I'm in a state of temporary chill listening to this song slumped in an armchair, for instance.

Yep yep yep, this is the kind of song that you can get totally immersed in without realising it - completely submerged in a chillheaven. Please listen to understand what I am talking about.

Beautiful stuff. Such as dreams are made of. A dreamlandsoundscape. The first thing is this constant blurry synth which is like watching the sun refract through a glass of lemonade with the all-blue sky doing its yoga above, a backwards synth kinda sound that's nebulous and inviting. The beat soon comes in which despite being strong props everything up like a bodybuilding cloud, off-kilter as if it has been done wrong but listen: it HASN'T. Not a jot.

Female vocals are sampled and find themselves painted in glorious streaks throughout the song, the lush blended tone of them giving a sumptuously sensual feel to the song - lovely. Lovely lovely. Everything about this is just so damn glittery chill. And if you think you're chilled at the start of the song, wait till you get towards the end of it, when the beat and the melody - the entire song - drops tempo completely, a slow motion skydive through all your most chilled holiday memories that has been slowed down even further, the clink of the beat and its heartbeak-kick and the pulse-of-the-sun bass synth all gradually fading into nothing...

Aaaaand you're back in the room. Btsrsly, get on this guy's SoundCloud and listen the shiz out of his tunes. What a vibe he gives. He definitely picked a good name.

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