Thursday 16 May 2013


This seems to be happening a lot these days. What seems to be happening a lot these days? Well, me listening to a song, not really liking it, then the song continuing and me quite actually liking it by the end of it. That's what you get when you browse around and listen to different stuff that you wouldn't usually actively seek out, eh? You know what I'm saying innit.

Anyway, this is The Dodos and their brand new song 'Confidence'. I hadn't actually heard of them at all but apparently they've been around for a while (you know when someone says 'apparently whatever' it really means 'Wikipediarly blah blah') and have released four albums prior to the one on which this lovely song shall appear, their fifth - Carrier, out 27th August.

But enough of talking this way, even if it was brief. Let's listen to the song shall we?

The pattern of the guitar at the beginning is nice - jaunty and cyclical; but the real treat comes with the progression of the song, rather than any particular part, because it is the progression of this song that makes it, I believe. As soon as the beat comes in, there's a new atmosphere of build-up and potential that then squeezes itself out in the form of distorted guitars with melody that bleats over the top of the crunchy electricity.

Up-tempo suddenly and the song has turned from a folk-esque number into something more resembling space rock. It becomes flighty and weighty and soaked in reverb like a barbecue doused in lighter fluid, a real pleasure for the ears. The beat becomes more hurried and urgent towards the end, the drums hammered and smashed about as the noodly echoing glass-blown firecracker guitar noodles away into noodlesome noisedom. A real surprise. And a happy one at that. Here's to listening to an entire song before judging!

You could even say that, with a title like 'Confidence', the song is reflecting the feeling of gaining gradual confidence about something - the way the energy changes from barstool to stadium in the space of four minutes, the gutsy drive of Meric Long and Logan Kroeber (the duo behind the music) becoming less and less inhibited. Well, that is the nature of confidence, is it not? No inhibitions here. And if there were any, they must have left them at the first few seconds of the song, because after that spirited performance I can't spy any shyness anywhere.

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