Saturday 18 May 2013


This is a song called 'Drive' from a Brooklyn, New York-based duo who go by the name of BEACON (aka Thomas Mullarney III and Jacob Gossett). It comes from their latest album The Ways We Separate out now on Ghostly International.

I was pretty much drawn to this track as soon as it started. It's a rigid bassline that grows and grows until it colonises your ears and rests in there, leaving you static for the remainder of the song. Nice. And that's how it begins. From there on in we are treated to soft synth that almost glitters over the top, high and low sounds tumbling together to create an abrupt melody that creeps up on you from all angles all at once.

Not only that, but we have breathy vocals singing lovely lyrics, like the refrain, "I've found someone to carry me home". The sound seems to inhabit the very air itself - a really great atmosphere. Add to these reverb and echo and you have this gigantic yet thin vibe on the voice, kind of like dry ice spreading at a school disco but better and with lasers cutting through it, a blazing white spotlight picking out the trails of it whilst everything else is muffled pitch blackness. That's what I get from this. What do you get?

There's something really nice about hearing that dubstep rhythm without hearing that now dreadfully typical 'dubstep' sound. In actuality, I don't think this has the BPM to be officially termed dubstep or whatever, but it is a slowed-down beat that gives it a late-at-night-no-one's-around reflective-chill kind of mood. It's not too strong, sounding even tender at times with soft snares that are like dropping a balloon filled with rice from a not-very-great height. Like it.

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