Sunday 19 May 2013


Oh man, don't you just hate it when you can't find out anything on an artist you want to write about? Gah, it just makes me crazy! But that's ok. I don't mind too much. After a while searching, it's kinda just clear that it's gonna be hard to find even a shred of info or links to any of their stuff on any kind of sharing site that's ever been made in the history of the internets. OH WELL. I'll live, don't worry.

It happens a lot of the time when an artist or band or whatever doesn't have a very googleable name, when it's the same name as some other word that exists in the world, like Twigs for example. Twigs are little bits that come off of trees. Right? RIGHT? But Twigs is also the name of - from what I have found out - an artist from London. And what music they have made. Woweee. Trip-hoppy chill, smooth and fluid and sexy and late-night...

Almost a bit lost for words so just listen for yourself yo and oh enjoy the video cause it's nice too.

Aiya this song is just so... well it's good. It's very good. I love the drugged sound of it, the slow cyclical repetition and what seems to be a loving, lingering touch on every element; the clip-clopping glass-filling-up percussion, the hard rebounding snare, the glowering bass blanket like a deep bath overflowing and I get this image of pitch black sweaty sexful nights, utterly lost in the totality of the moment. It's beautiful.

The voice is honest and soulful, falling on the whole expanse of the song like heady perfume that seems to flood the room it explodes into, a water balloon exploding in super slow motion, noir sex scenes. And the lyrics... "How's that feel"... answered by the spine-tingling "That feels good in my... so so amazing..." - the noises in this song drip like luscious flowers that you've never seen and maybe never will see. You'll have to listen to this song just to relive the uniqueness of the unnameable unknown that slow walks its hips right out of the glorious smoke which is this music.

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