Sunday 19 May 2013


Fancy a rock band meeting at a needlework class in California. Fancy that. Well, that's exactly how the pair of people who make up Deap Vally met. How strange. Well actually not so strange because people have a lot of varied interests and needlework certainly isn't one of the weirdest.

Anyway, who cares. The girls of Deap Vally are Lindsey Troy, who guitars and sings, and Julie Edwards, who bangs the drums. They are rock rock rock. Their particular rock vibe is the stripped down rock style similar to White Stripes or Black Keys, fuzzy guitars and thumping drums, but with fearsome energetic vocals that scream as if from the heart of rock itself - a little Robert Plant, just a little one (haha), high and acrobatic.

I came across the video for their newest song 'Baby I Call Hell' like at the start of May, but why it slipped down my priority list I have no idea. Because I discovered it again today and loved it, all over again. I kept meaning to write but... just listen to the song and watch the kooky colourful lo-fi green screen glam-rock video.

It's a bad ass tune. Can I say bad ass? Does that make sense? I never write it, let alone say it, but I think it fits. But yeah, that's what it is. I love that guitar sound, barely any treble at all, just earthy and meaty and low, fuzzed and muffled to the max - and it's a great riff as well. Bluesy and catchy. It's a great sound overall - the amount of distorted earth-shaking noise you can get from a voice, a drum kit and a guitar eh?

The beat is one of those beats that you would just love to play on the drums (you know you would) and it seems as if Edwards is very much enjoying it - and usually if someone's enjoying what they're doing, and they're good at it, it turns out to be even better than if they were just going through the motions. Same with the singing, it's vocal-chord-stretchingly brilliant, properly belted out with all the soul. Get me? It's the passion of this song that shines through - not only does it sound good but it FEELS good yo.

And hey: Deap Vally's debut album Sistrionix is out 24th June.

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