Thursday 9 May 2013


It's nice when a song sounds like something, or rather: it's nice when a song evokes some kind of image, feeling or scenery of some kind. Being lulled into a near-hypnotic state is the result of this kind of evocation, and you're left to get lost in your imagination or in thoughts of whatever place you and your brain might have been transported to. Well, if you can get your head around that convoluted and unfounded statement, I will now introduce to you a nice little song that I found recently.

It is called 'Misty Mountain' and is by The fin., presumably meaning 'The end' rather than the rather unfantastic fin of a fish. As far as I can gather from SoundCloud, there is only one person under this moniker rather than a band as such: Yuto Uchino. From Hyogo, Japan, this guy sings, plays guitar and does the synth work. That's only as far as I can tell because, being quite unknown, there is little information (that I can understand) out there.

I really like this song. It's grown on me, definitely. It's the kind of sound that begins to feel very familiar very quickly - well anyway, the stuff I was saying about a song evoking something: the title of this one kind of says it all. And perhaps it is just the title leading me astray, but it does 'feel' like a misty forest kinda sound. If its not just in the title, you'll find it in the repeating vocal patterns, the earthy acoustic guitar standing up like so many bristling pines, the echoing lead guitar that cuts like a shroud of mist through the other sounds.

It's really nice really. A kind of indie-rock sound that is nice and mellow and gentle, easy on the ear yet bustling enough with interesting sounds that it allows your imagination to kinda drift off to it. Nicely done, I say.

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