Thursday 9 May 2013


Really quite enjoying this song at the moment. Like more than enjoying - loving, even. It's got a fantastic vibe that kinda gets into your head and almost forces you to get on a pair of bermuda shorts and go do some jumping jacks on a beach interspersed with dancing like a kind of madman/sultry person. Maybe I'm only thinking beach because the song is called 'beach' or 'b e a c h' if we want to go with the stylised version, which is the way it's written down so maybe we should go with that. It makes the 'beach' l o n g e r , y o u s e e ?

Anyway, this song can be half-credited to Yuki Abe - whom I wrote about a few days ago - and it can also be half-credited to Takumi Kawahori; together these two make up the producer/DJ duo called Boys Get Hurt and they make some pretty nice music together. It's thanks to this pretty-nice-music-ness that this post exists because I do believe that 'b e a c h' is a very very nice song indeed. Please listen to the song below under the bottom of this paragraph.

Just here.

The clean melodies that trip in time above the perfect house beat are tasty - you can almost feel them on your tongue, those blippy synths. They're layered with light xylophonic sounds that tickle your ears, but not too much otherwise that would be well uncomfortable. Thankfully nothing about this song is uncomfortable. And the sample... aieee it's great! Justin Timberlake's girl-sensualising tones from 'My Love' are sampled to great success. The 'beach' part of the lyrics is what gives the song its name, I think. Makes sense. Anyway. Big dancey housey vibe that I really like.

Warm as the sun, cool as slathered sun cream.

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