Sunday 5 May 2013


You know I keep saying how yeah it's fine whatever doesn't matter how old something is it's still new if it's the first time you've heard it? You know? Well, that kinda backfired with this song.

It's two years old and unfortunately between then and now the guy behind it, upcoming Tokyo-based DJ/producer Yuki Abe, has since moved from the moniker of Body Fantasy to work alongside a guy called Takumi Kawahori on new project Boys Get Hurt (more on them at a later date in the near near future). But for now for seriously, it's all about Yuki Abe and this lovely song of his, 'In In'. It's still a song and we can still listen to it so it's like totally valid no? Yes.

It starts off sounding a lot meaner than it actually turns out, a high-tempo electro house tune that sinks into sounding like an up-to-date Mylo tune with a cut-up synthesised vocal sample. It's a pretty glorious sound, with a euphoric melody playing over the top - the last two minutes of the song is a total mélange of sounds, layered and energised. Hot stuff.

Summery vibe, big summery vibe, big dancey dance-a-thon. Feel-good-stick-it-on-and-get-moving vibe. The dynamics of the song are great too, really nice keeping you on your toes and your ears suitably pleased and sated with the differing levels and layers and whatnot throughout this quite exciting song. Shame it kind of... doesn't exist anymore. Such is the permanent impermanence of the internet! Ho ho ho!

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