Friday 17 May 2013


Sometimes all you want is a really upbeat vibe and a catchy melody - something that sits in your head all day, a happy little tune to keep you smiling. This is what I got as soon as I heard 'Put a Light On' by Generationals - a completely sunny sound that's kinda impossible to like unless you're a beastly person (apologies to those who don't like it).

I seem to be writing about a lot of duos recently, and Generationals is no different: Ted Joyner and Grant Widmer, of New Orleans, make up this one. And what lovely music they make! In fact, what lovely music they have been making - 'Put a Light On' comes from their third album Heza which is out now. Anyway. On with the music.

As I said, it's a really upbeat tune. The palm muted guitar seems to just exude a cheerful feeling as it bounces along jauntily - yay! The bassline that runs underneath also has positivity written all over it and locked in also perfectly with the beat that's a clap-along tap-along bop-your-head rhythm. Carefree vocals are drenched in lo-fi aesthetic, slightly distorted and almost replacing the sound of an overdriven electric guitar in some places - mostly with the falsetto singing.

And judging from the video, the message is indeed positivity. Or optimism. Six of one and half a dozen of the other.

See what I mean? The jingly-jangly underwater-sounding whatever-it-is hook is the bit that sticks in your head. Even as I type this now, I am hearing that tune - and it's definitely not one of those annoying tunes, the one's you wish wouldn't get stuck in your head. Perhaps this is down to how interesting the sound of that particular melody is, and indeed the sound of the whole song, in fact: smart pop, you could say.

I can imagine playing this at a barbecue. Or maybe I am fantasising about a barbecue. Happy future memories. And as far as happy goes, Generationals seem more than capable of taking that emotion and bottling it up in very pretty musical form. Hooray!

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