Thursday 2 May 2013


I'm not altogether sure whether the title of this song is 'Clown (2013)' or just plain 'Clown'. SoundCloud says when things are added so the '(2013)' should be self explanatory, but then again who knows the inner workings of a song title. Let's just call it 'Clown' for now eh?

Though there's nothing clowny about this song, unless of course you go for that clowns-are-horrible kind of thing - which I do, only in part however: because they are weird. If you do go for the clown-is-a-perfect-addition-to-a-horror-film thing, then this song fits that perfectly. Whilst I wouldn't exactly say terrifying, the vibe of this innovative song by Japanese electronic artist emufucka certainly holds within it a clouded swathe of sound positively pregnant with menace and a markedly attitudinal atmosphere.

Indeed, he's labelled the song himself as 'Trap' and, yeah, I'd go with that - all its missing is vocals tuned down several octaves. It definitely has that southern hip-hop swagger that you find in Trap music (please Allah let me stop talking about genres), sounding a little bit like - well actually, especially the intro, very much like - that Jay-Z & Kanye West song, 'Niggas In Paris'.

What characterises this song most, however, is its blend of dirty beats with a videogame-esque style of sound. The synths climax a number of times throughout the song, like some game-music organ wheezing out its scratchy soaring sounds. Yeah so another label of this track is 'Game' and also the description of the song is "PlayStation®" and the image (above) is 16-bit style... all adds up to a definite videogame vibe.

These are future beats, tripping hi-hats, blended styles of music synthesised with an impactive sound in mine - something to please those who listen to videogame music exclusively and those who love the balshy bass of heavy-handed hip-hop; a world of musical ideals catered for in the vision needed for 4 (unlucky - homophone with 'death' in Japan - yet more menace?) minutes of sound. Whew! Is that too deep?

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