Monday 20 May 2013


There isn't a lot wrong with a little bit of synth pop. In fact, I quite enjoy it-slash-would be happy listening to only synth stuff forever (but don't hold me to that because I think I would actually be very sad without everything else, although you can do a lot with synth).

One particular variety that I enjoy is 80s/early-90s style synthpop that seems to be coming from, I suppose, people of my generation who had this sound on in the background - radios or whatever - in early childhood. Those are the formative years, and what you hear when you're younger, especially the stuff that gets a positive reaction from the adults around you, is very influential in later life. I think so anyway. Maybe I'm wrong. I probably/maybe am wrong so don't hold me to anything I've just said. Just consider it yourself and make your own decisions and do what makes you happy.

So here's an artist from Boston called Lamu who seems to be exactly one of these heralds of the not-forgotten-past that I just mentioned. I've chosen to write about 'Back To '92' because even in its name is this nostalgia for a simpler, more-colourful, fun time of life. Perhaps not even nostalgia, but just fond memories: even the smallest of happy memories can make you well up sometimes. Anyway, here it is.

Is it just me, or do those little organ-sounding synth chords sound a little bit (only a LITTLE) like they come from a Christmas song? In fact, I do believe that they are a tad similar to 'Last Christmas' by Wham! which I think illustrates my point: the influence from the past is clear. But whatever, the sound of this song is great - pure synth: some crunchy, some bassy, some high, some low. All of it is a bento box of synth. The chorus is also very catchy is is very good when it's a good song, like this one.

Even the verse has its melodic hook in the vocals, echoing away, describing things from '92 (presumably) that have sentimental value: Walkman, sitting in church, rollerblades, etc. It's a dream-laden picture of childhood, just like a soft focus hazy home video with smiling family and friends being silly together. Everyone looks at their haircuts or their clothes and says, "oh my - what was I thinkin'?!" It's that kind of scene that this song evokes and it's all the better for being able to do that.

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