Monday 20 May 2013


Here's a question: do people beef about music like what you're about to listen to? If you've already heard it, then, well, do they?

Despite its rich luscious textures, sumptuous glistening tongue-teasing gobstopper synths that bubble up into your ears like a lukewarm breeze; despite the palm-tree-blown sounds of the white noise cutting synth and the heel-clicking beat and the videogame twiddles in the very background; despite all that, could people actually turn round and say, "nah this is rubbish." They are well within their rights to say so but I would feel very sad about that because this song is lovely. It's just the kind of thing I need as I am sitting here at 2:00 in the morning. It makes everything seem a little surreal.

So anyway, straight out of London town this is Alitrec with her lovely song 'Cartograph'. This has been around for a few months but this is now.

Someone said to me that this song sounds like the "inner workings of real life" and the "cogs of a soul moving" - gnarly viewpoint, but I actually think it does. This image is the perfect one for this song, mechanical yet organic, like a friendly mild-mannered robot taking care of a plant that's suddenly begun to grow out of control. There is certainly something futuristic about this - whether it be a microscopic or a macroscopic vision is up to you and your imagination.

It reminds me a little of Simian Mobile Disco although there is a more experimental edge that is totally pushing it forward - but that familiar half-euphoric glitchy sound, like an electro waterfall, is certainly a welcome noise right now. I was just wondering what everybody would think of this song - I love it, I think all the sounds are delicious, difficult NOT to lap up like so many bowls of whatever the Silver Surfer is made of. Very nice sound. Looking forward to more things from Alitrec in the future.

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