Wednesday 1 August 2012


I first heard about the lovely Josie Charlwood last September, when I wrote about her amazing, looped cover of Gorillaz' 'Feel Good Inc'. Not only was it a great song, but it came from an artist who knew the value of social media, utilising the power of the bottom-up approach to getting her music out their. I say bottom-up because it's not top-down; i.e. it's not eaten up by a huge record label and then regurgitated over the masses. No. The masses hear it first. And then the already engorged stomachs of huge record labels begin rumbling like the Clashing Rocks in Jason and the Argonauts. Best way to do it, in my opinion.

I'm happy to say that as of earlier today, Josie Charlwood has put a new recorded studio cover on SoundCloud. It's a pure, stripped-back cover of Adele's moving 'Turning Tables'. A couple of days ago, in fact, she posted a video of herself performing the song live.

It's a deliciously humble treatment of the track, with Josie's voice coming across like an honest breeze, pretty as it is powerful.

The bare bones piano and voice combination brings much more emotion to the song, leaving the flash, big-cost productions in the dust. Josie Charlwood's vocals, in a similar sense, are not nuanced with trills or vibrato, nor a 'put-on' style warble à la Ellie Goulding (for example), but instead are very much coming from her own charming voice. Bravo for that, seriously, because it sounds wonderful.

So, here's that SoundCloud version. You can buy this track directly by clicking on 'buy'.

With a sizable back-catalogue already floating behind her like various accolades of musical prowess, there's already a lot to Josie Charlwood than just her voice and her piano. Discover more of her music and, once you've whet your appetite enough, sit tight and wait for her next assuredly impending release. Looking forward to it.

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Featured some pretty pretty cool music over the past month. July has come and gone and, new or not, the music on the YES/NO radar has been top quality. Top 3 stand-out pieces:

Destiny's Child - Say My Name (Cyril Hahn remix)
A super reworking of a song that's already ingrained in our collective psyche like a kid's head stuck between railings. A must-listen. Chilled nostalgia.

Angel Haze - Werkin' Girls
Huge song from upcoming, pretty-much-on-the-verge of exploding rapper, Angel Haze. This song demonstrates an effortless and aggressive lyrical flow. Will bowl you over.

Gentleman Drivers - Feroce
A powerful song from a French electro group. Being still being relatively new I look forward to hearing more from them. Abrasive electronic mayhem.

But I've also been kind enough to create a YouTube playlist for all of the songs I've featured in July. You like our taste in music? Then spend a chunk of your day relaxing, rocking out, getting paranoid, and charging your batteries to the songs we think you should hear:


Gentleman Drivers - Feroce
The Flaming Lips feat. Ke$ha - 2012 (You Must Be Upgraded)
Simian Mobile Disco - A Species Out Of Control
Unison - Brothers & Sisters
Azari & III - Into The Night
Fredrik - Chrome Cavities
[ Video Game Music ] - Top Gear (SNES)
Mess Me - Call
Tame Impala - Apocalypse Dreams
Para One - You
Para One feat. Jaw - When The Night
SBTRKT - Gloss
dOP - The Hype
dOP - Talk Show
Burns - Lies
The Knocks & Fred Falke - Geronimo
Claude VonStroke feat. Jaw - Le Fantôme
The Chemical Brothers - Theme For Velodrome
Tamaryn - I'm Gone
Angel Haze - New York
Angel Haze - Werkin' Girls
alt-J - Tessellate
alt-J - Intro
alt-J - Breezeblocks
Destiny's Child - Say My Name (Cyril Hahn remix)
Mariah Carey - Touch My Body (Cyril Hahn remix)
Ritualz - Rhythmic Release
Crystal Castles - Plague
Visitor - Coming Home // RNB teaser

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And please, stick around. August awaits.