Tuesday 28 May 2013


Who doesn't like dancing? You don't have to be a dancing freak to be classed as someone who likes dancing. You could dance once a year, love it, and be called someone who likes dancing. You could dance once a week. Whatever whatever, you get the point. Like it or not, it's actually quite a big part of society. If it wasn't, there wouldn't even be such a word as 'dance', nor a kind of music. But to actually make music that makes people dance, that must be pretty exciting.

That is certainly the vibe I get from Yuki Abe, Tokyo-based electro-dance producer, and one half of dance outfit Boys Get Hurt alongside Takumi Kawahori. I've written about both him, under the moniker Body Fantasy, (song: 'In In') and Boys Get Hurt (song: 'b e a c h') Yuki was kind enough to answer this lazy interview, much to my happiness and gratitude. Read on and learn a little bit.

Who are you? Where are you from? What do you do?
Yuki. Born and raised up in Tokyo.
I do Boys Get Hurt and some music producing.

Why did you decide to start creating music?
When I was a teen, I started hearing some different genres.
I thought I could mix it up better than usual.

How would you describe your sound? What makes you and your style stand out?
Boys Get Hurt is just emotional dance music.
I think we mostly influenced by "The Get Up Kids".
Now our musical style is called basically Nu Disco, Sea Disco.
Our DJ/Label friends are mostly based in LA or French.
So we feel it's not major.

Is there a perfect time and place for listening to your music?
Beach-side air controlled inside a club in Hawaii.

What inspires you most when writing a song?
When I get hurt by good music.

What is your most memorable musical experience?
08/10/2011 "Summer House" @ WOMB
Our party's 1st time in Tokyo.
It's mid weekday but massive, people dance around.
Awesome experience.

What are your favourite three songs at the moment?
Moonboots - Love Strong

Para One ft. Irfane & Teki Latex - Every Little Thing (Plastic Plates Remix)

Jacques Greene ft. How To Dress Well - On Your Side

Who do you most admire in the music world?
Death Cab For Cutie

In your opinion, what is the future of music?
Always repeating to change.
Gonna melt with other stuff. eg. Visual, Environment, Smell or something, to become new package.
it's time to get through from old system.

What's the future of your music - what do you hope to do next?
We will keep collaborating with many talented guys in the world.
Release from the label, remixing the stuff, touring, etc.
We keep doing the party in Tokyo.
Keep fresh and comfy. :)

What, aside from music, is most important to you?
Coffee, movies and trips.

Well, there you have it. That's Yuki Abe and Boys Get Hurt. (Sea Disco is kinda retro 90s dance with modern flair btw just so you know). I like very much the idea of "repeating to change", and I like even more the idea of keeping it "fresh and comfy" - what a nice sentiment! Anyway, the people of Tokyo are lucky for having such a talented guy, along with Takumi, right on their doorsteps to play them very fresh and chilled sunshine disco for a very good time indeed. THANKS YUKI!

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