Saturday 18 May 2013


The image there on the right should give you a good inkling of what to expect from this song. It's a silly picture. I like silly pictures. Cutesy and fun.

I can only guess that the girl who is lying down on the moon next to the astronaut is the person who I am currently writing about: may.e (sometimes meeshiieee). And you can rest safely because the same fun nature of the photo is in her newest song, the delightful 'ピーターパンはいないの' (Peter Pan wa inai no) - 'There Is No Peter Pan'. I hope I got that right? Did I? It's my best effort. It's honestly really fun to listen to - even if you can't understand Japanese, like me.

With bass that seems to pop out at you like bouncy balls descending a light-up staircase (you know, like those old-school light-up disco floors) and a toy-instrument honky-tonk wah-wah sound that jaunts around the place, the song instantly evokes something childish - but not in a bad way. I mean more in the carefree, innocent kind of way - and that is actually reflects everything that's said in may.e's un-characteristic hop onto rap (the majority of her other songs are kinda just her and an acoustic guitar).

It is just a generally "nice" sound, one that's perfect to listen to. The vocals in the refrain are really catchy, but I love her style of not belting the words out but singing them in a very laid-back way - the And, if anybody knows or has played the game Animal Crossing, you'll know what I mean when I say that the little wah-wah sounds in the breaks sound like a KK Slider session from the game. Love that.

And I suppose it fits. Having a look at the translation of the lyrics, may.e talks about how she'd rather sword fight than knit, how excited she is about the prospect of visiting Toys 'R' Us, watching Star Wars, playing Dragon Quest and Zelda and above all, wanting to be a child forever, yet accepting a happy future reality of having a family or something. A lovely sentiment, don't you think?

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