Wednesday 5 June 2013


Yeah, if you're reading this thinking, "wtf is #SPF420??" then you are in the same boat as I am. That is, a boat adrift and constantly in wonder at what marvels/marvel at what wonders can be found on the internet. There's a lot to find. Anyway, I should probably explain what exactly #SPF420 is.

It is an online venue, unique in that it exists exclusively online, and it is a veritable hotbed of New Generation artists - I explained a little about New Generation when I wrote about SAINT PEPSI - one of the brains behind it all - a few days ago, but to reiterate basically: it's an artist collective leaning towards a wholly net-based music industry (my assumption). Alongside SAINT PEPSI are many other artists including Spazzkid, whom I wrote about the other day.

Enough of the Pokémon-style digression into the proclivities of this artist collective. More about the music. The reason I'm writing this is that Spazzkid has gone and done a 25-minute set on #SPF420, which aired yesterday. Astoundingly, this only has (at time of writing) 7 views, which is mental considering the sound of the music itself - not so mental if you consider the pitfalls of being a relatively unknown artist. Anyway, without further ado, please enjoy the smooth, wholly chilled vibes of this man's innovative beat-strong glitch-hop electro-pop.

The tracklist is this:
1. Forgiveness
2. Kokeshi Doll
3. Getting To Know You
4. Better Off Alone (Alice DeeJay cover) UNRELEASED
5. Loving Free

Yep, from the clicky otherworldly ambience of 'Forgiveness', to the sombre sunset romance vibes of 'Kokeshi Doll' - both with their fair share of bassy rumblings - we arrive at the wonderfully cute 'Getting To Know You' with its bouncy vocal samples. Then a surprise cover of Dutch Eurodance group Alice DeeJay's massive 1999 hit 'Better Off Alone', done to Spazzkid's trademark swaggering beat and complete with mind-ooze synths and steel drums. The set ends with the ravey 'Loving Free', a sharp cross between lo-fi bedroom pop and the soundtrack to people playing volleyball on a yacht harboured in the Maldives.

The visuals are great, too, and found according to Mark Redito (real name of Spazzkid) "from deep internets". Certainly looks that way. In any case, they're cool and fit the style of his music totally. He also looks like he is having a very nice time playing the music that I can only assume he loves making.

All songs come from his new album Desire, which is totally out now.

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