Thursday 6 June 2013


It's a very nice bit of artwork isn't it? Yep yep. It's the album cover for a California band's latest album, debut album in fact, and that band is called Cayucas and their album is called BIGFOOT. There is a song from the album called 'East Coast Girl' which is very nice and which I am going to write about shortly.

But firstly: a big fat WHATEVER. Wow, well done, you're able to comment on the obvious and say how much these guys sound like Vampire Weekend. Wow. Comparisons. Wow. Aren't they so easy yet satisfying to make? Makes one feel part of the utmost musical intelligentsia dunnit? Well, here to fight against that is me. They make nice music. Of course they sound a bit like what's come before them because it's come before them and they obviously like the sound. Big-diddly-whoop.

And now I'm over it. Who cares. The sun is shining through the window and the trees are shaking in a summer breeze and everything is lit up very nicely outside. And when I listened to this song, it seemed that all that was missing was the beach. See if this slightly Wes Anderson-themed music video, but most likely just the music, enhances your day at all.

There's comin-round-the-mountain acoustic guitars that drive the song along on wheels of simple distorted bass, like a trundling mobile genteel beach resort, even tiki lights rattling down by its sides. Ya the video captures the sound quite well, freshly washed and ironed cotton shorts blazers and polo shirts. "omg dis so white" - yeah but, um, they ARE white.

Yelping far-off vocals provide the final cherry on top, lots of "hey"s and "whoa"s, like a kinda call to surfboards and stuff. It is a sound that whilst perhaps pioneered by the likes of Vampire Weekend has been carried off very well indeed by others - just like these guys here, and - for instance - Mathieu Santos (whose 2010 Massachusetts I wrote about extensively). Cayucas have a great vibe here, summery and carefree, upbeat and with a catchy groove, something that's a very nice accompaniment to a very nice day.

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