Tuesday 11 June 2013


Well well well well, it is some more music as usual. Except this time it's not as "as usual" as you'd think because it involves a quite drastic style change of the person I am writing about. Yes, that's right: it's Washed Out (aka Ernest Greene). I first encountered this guy, not actually in real life but musically, like two years ago when I wrote about his song 'Eyes Be Closed' which came from his debut album Within Without. That stuff is very different from what I have discovered today. Yes. It seems as though Mr Greene has eschewed (what a horrible word, I hate it) the majorly reverb soaked Balearic slowdown of his older material in favour of something a whole lot more acoustic. It's still down-tempo and it's still chilled out but it's different yo it's just different - mind you, I'm judging this all from one song: 'It All Feels Right'.

Yeah. And I suppose since lyric videos mostly always end up getting made, why not make a lyric video to begin with?

In the general sound of this track there is a whole lot more that lends itself to trippy psychedelic rock than to what is known as "chillwave" as such. The drums sound a lot more 'live' for a start, and there are other tangible sounds like a rambling acoustic guitar in there somewhere, as well as woody strings that provide a triumphant kinda vibe. However when it comes to the musical change after the refrain "It all feels right..." everything turns a whole lot more trippy, blissful sounds rain down, and everything could just as well be playing underwater or in space with that kind of atmosphere change. A little bit Animal Collective y'know.

It is a stark change. A direction that I neither expected nor desired but one that, now that it's happened, ain't 'alf bad. Only joking, it is really nice. Smooth and liquidy. Positive and all-encompassing. A sound that definitely reflects the fact that it all feels right, so don't worry. And still there are those vocals which don't seem to come from anywhere, all adrift in a very wide sea of sound.

Whew. And and and: it comes from his NEW ALBUM which is coming out 12th August and is called Paracosm.

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