Wednesday 12 June 2013


I remember TLC songs being on the radio when I was younger. However I didn't quite realise that the TLC song in question, 'Creep', was out in 1994. What? Oh well, I guess that just means I'm super well old. Not that old really. It's just weird that things seem a lot further back in time than I thought they were. omglol right?

Why am I talking about TLC? It is because this song by Piu Piu is not only titled the same, but it is also a tribute to that song (and not the noise-angst-alt-rock of Radiohead's 'Creep'). I guess she quite likes TLC and this TLC song in particular. For those of you wondering, Piu Piu is a singer/songwriter/DJ from Paris who likes emojis and makes a lot of mixtapes. I really like the name Piu Piu. I am not sure if she is singing in this song (I guess so?) because it could be a really clever sample taken from the original song but who knows really. I sure don't.

This song has also been produced by scntst or SCNTST - now I'm not sure - whom I wrote about a few days ago. It doesn't sound anything like his actual music as far as I know but he still produced it. Also, the video was directed by Boston Bun - a Parisian DJ/producer.

It's almost an unsettling sound, this rendition - mainly the first half, because the sound kinda changes at the midway. Firstly it's a sub-bass-kick-heavy gangster vibe with a looping vocal sample and then it's a more chilled hip hop feeling with the vocal refrain from 'Creep' sultry-smooth over the top, complete with funky guitar stabs. Really, it's hip-hop through and through, with a laid-back, sure-shot attitude. The sounds nearly don't mix together, jar almost, but: it sounds right. And that's fine with me.

This song comes from Piu Piu's Nightintale mixtape, out 17th June.

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