Thursday 20 June 2013


It's uncanny, but do you ever get that feeling when you just start listening to a song you've never heard before - and about which you have absolutely no preconceptions - and within the first second you just know you're going to like it? Love it, even. I'm not sure whether it's more evident of an accepting and happily yielding mindset, or if it's proof of a song's quality and thereby the song-maker's talent itself. Perhaps it's a bit of both.

In any case, when I first started listening to 'Water Cycle' by Tokyo-based producer Metome (otherwise known by his real name, Takahiro Uchibori) this is what I felt. Beautiful from the outset. Smart and clean and fresh, like freshly washed sheets hung to dry, like a clear brook rushing from a spring, it is a lush balance of complex sounds that breakdances energetically in your ears whilst at the same time providing a ice-tea-with-mint-smooth stream of chill.

Yep, it's kinda deep house with a funky edge, provided in part by a bamboozling arrangement of vocal samples that sound absolutely gorgeous against the textured synths. Sounds like the below.

The melodious synth that starts this song reverberates all around, supporting a whispering wind of a sample that almost whistles in the background. Then we're treated to a solo from the vocal samples, which Takahiro handles with expert sensitivity, twisting, reversing and plunging them into spaces between the soft synth glitching out in a gloriously off-beat rhythm. The beat shuffles, invades your toes and head, infects you to the very core with the joy of movement.

A drop in the latter part of the song, which starts building up around the 3:30 mark, gives you an insight into the kind of musical energy this guy can create - yet it's not too much, it doesn't leave you aching for an end, striking just the right balance between stylish chill and electrically charged build-up. But the details are too much to talk about - the whole thing, this song, is wonderful. I love it. Metome has a new EP coming soon.

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