Thursday 27 June 2013


Totally love these guys. They always have such a nice sound in their songs that it's like nigh-on impossible to not like them. If you haven't been introduced yet, "these guys" refers to Boys Get Hurt - a Tokyo DJ/producer duo who make emotional dance music and try to have a fun time whilst doing it.

I interviewed Yuki Abe, one half of the BGH (the other half being Takumi Kawahori), a while ago so go have a read of that if you want to know more. You also might like to check out one of their earlier songs, a Justin Timberlake-sampling wonder called 'b e a c h'. But for the moment, right here and right now, we will focus on a new song of theirs that has appeared: 'Love The Way U Feel' - romantically themed, as always.

The pair have a knack for capturing an end-of-summer vibe, or else it's an endless summer vibe, within their songs. I'm happy to say that it's absolutely no different with their new track. Though it's slower than what I've heard before, falling within the "slow jams" category, this just serves to heighten the emotive atmosphere of the track - it's certainly illustrated very well with the gorgeous female vocals that fall like petals throughout the song, or in the smooth transitions between each changing dynamic.

Pounding bouncy bass kicks resound, sumptuously painted over with popping synth melodies that are arranged in such a way as to give it a tropical beach-party vibe. It sounds akin to some nameless house disco track of yesteryear - the sound that BGH go for. The romance is there, too - I get images of heart-aching dancefloors, longing bodies grooving to the beat, soaking up the rich house-piano and synth chords that flesh out the sound. A sense of sweaty bodies approaching each other, knowing each other through the music, caressing from afar. Maybe a bit deep but it's a DEEP song with a disco soul, made with love and care.

I like this song, in other words. It comes from a really nice mixtape called THE VIBE GUIDE Vol. 2, which you should check out. As ever, I am looking forward to more summer-infused Boys Get Hurt new songs.

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