Tuesday 11 June 2013


This is just, well, I really like it. It's really cool when someone actually personally sends you an email with their own music. Even better when the music is actually good and tasty, like a Belgian bun. So when I looked at my emails today (I didn't yesterday, sorry!) and saw in amongst the usual stuff a non-templated email from a guy called Emiliano Ruggiero and checked the sound that he had sent me, well, I was really happy. It's real indie promotion - the guy is doing it himself.

Anyway as you might guess from the name he is Italian, but he lives in Tokyo and makes music under the name Earthquake Island. To add even more countries to the mix, he is signed to the record label FRESH YO! which is split between Italy and Sweden. A nice mix is always fun. Anyway. The song is called 'The lake and the mist' and it is from Earthquake Island's upcoming album The Case of Galastrophy, out 24th June.

If this song is anything to go by, a festival of fresh fizzy beats, then the album should be a very nice listen indeed. The video, of various things being poured on the floor - from marbles to jelly beans - seems to fit the mingling drops of greatness in the song. Check it oot.

Watch those things spill on the floor!

Everything about this electronic experimental number is wonderful: the contrasts between the trebly white noise distorted woodblock percussion and deep 'n' smooth sub bass; the far-off chimes and ambient jungle sounds; drips of flanging modulated synth. It's all melded as one package of lo-fi, atmospherically chill music. The kind of thing that doesn't evoke any particular image but a mood instead. Tranquility. Maybe a bit of bleakness as well but isn't tranquility bleak in its own way sometimes?

This was very nice.

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