Sunday 30 June 2013


Throwing up is something that I really don't like doing. The very thought of it is really disgusting. Even just thinking about it, before I've written about it, is enough to make me feel a little grossed-out. Yeah that's right, I DISLIKE emesis. And who doesn't? It's a vile, repulsive thing. Stinks so bad. Half-digested food and stomach doodads. G-r-o-s-s.

And that's what Throwing Up works really nicely as a name for a punk-type band. Fortuitously, there is a punk band called that. They are from London and there are three people in it, as you can see from the photo. NME described them as a "DIY shit-storm" - way to ambiguate, I can't even work out what that means. They themselves describe their genre as "errrrghhh" - and I'm with them there - but sometimes people like to read a label before they listen to something.

For me, they are more like a three-piece band from London who sound like a clash of double-time punk driven by undistilled distorted guitars, a little like the punkier dimensions of Smash-era The Offspring, and grunge-garnished vocals that almost growl at you with a contradictory mix of lassitude and venom. That's what I get from this song anyway: 'Medicine'.

I kind of... hate the video. The people in it really freak me out and one of them reminds me of a creepy character from The Mighty Boosh. But as for the song, yes, it's got that good 'n' hearty punch-to-the-face appeal about it that makes punk music so satisfying to listen to. Though I'm never quite sure who's doing the punching - am I being punched by the music? Punching myself whilst listening to the music? Punching the music? None of them actually. It's just a satisfying feeling of pent-up aggression and energy that nobody can deny.

It seems to have about it a little of l'esprit de l'escalier ("spirit of the stairs") - the feeling of knowing exactly what you should've said after the moment to say it has passed. Looking back on shitty things and vocalising your opinions. That's why punk's good. Cough it all up an' that. Anyway this comes from upcoming album Over You out 8th July on O Genesis Recordings.

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