Sunday 23 June 2013


This strange picture - I feel like I've seen it before, but then again perhaps I haven't. Maybe it's just one of those weird things. Yeah, let's put it down to that shall we?

Anyway, it's the image for an artist called Cosmicatt. Or ćosmicatt. Or ĆosmicặƬ. I'm gonna go with the first one because I'm pretty sure I can't even make some of those accented letters on the keyboard. Who damn cares anyway cause it's not the point - the point is the music. Cosmicatt is from Paris, as far as I can gather, and is an independent producer who makes really lush beats. I spent a while yesterday afternoon chilling to many of his songs.

Most of which came from his most recent album, something he's put on his bandcamp page called Black art, released at the beginning of April. My favourite was quite difficult to pick out really, but I did it - so vibe along and chill down (?) to 'Drink Limit'.

The first thing you notice: the stumbling-forward-with-a-swagger, off-kilter hip hop beat is richly textured with subtle yet hearty kicks, a snare slap like the sound of a private eye's notes for his latest case smacking his desk, and downright abrasive hi hats. It's a huge part of the track, of all his tracks in fact. The bassline weaves around the percussion, gathering groove on its way and providing a pattern which slightly wah-wah synth chords follow, thickening the air with funk.

Over the top, hip hop strings soar. The resulting image is that of navigating a dense city with a swaggering stumble, or a stumbling swagger - drink limit innit. A funky post-drunk theme tune.

Nice stuff isn't it? If you think so, I urge you to listen to more.

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