Friday 21 June 2013


This is a really enjoyable sound. Kinda like punk, but an updated version, pushed off the half-ramp of life and into the modern age - noticeable in the half-real/half-electronic drumkit, for starters. Things certainly have moved on. Yes, this is New York three-piece Skaters with their by turns pretty and thrashy punky style song 'I Wanna Dance (But I Don't Know How)'.

And even better, it's actually a live version of the song, played at BBC Radio 1's Maida Vale studios in London for Huw Stephens's show. Live is sometimes better, and in this case it is, because you can get more of a grip on just how much energy a band or an artist puts into not just their performance but into their music itself. The verdict in this case: a lot. It's a good thing. Nice and passionate. Just the way we likes it. Now for the dissection.

I love the fast-paced nature of this track, even though the gentle drums of the verse don't necessarily seem quick, it's a soft kind of sound that is echoed by the gnarly bassline, itself muffled and under-wraps. The bassline reminds me of one from an old-school punk song, the classic one-minute belters that appeared in such games as Tony Hawks Pro Skater - you know what I mean right? Dirty garage rock sound. It's just perfect for skating. And that's just perfect for a band called Skaters.

For a New York touch, there's the Strokes-sounding part to the verse, where the voice is actually a little Casablancas, and those sweeping guitar chords are totally Strokes. In my opinion anyway. What do I know. That's just how it sounded. And it's a good sound! The dynamic between that and the noisy chorus is great - the refrain "I wanna dance, but I don't know how" really gets stuck in your head. And again, the dynamic when the wall of distorted guitar and smacking drums falls away to reveal that low-key bassline again is fabuloso. It's pogo-stickin', virtual-skatin', city-tourin' fun.

This is as far as I know their first single. Let's see how an album of theirs might turn out, eh?

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