Thursday 6 June 2013


Weeeeeeeeee, now that summer's here, all those songs that I've been talking about over the past few weeks, or even months, to which I've attached the label of "summer song" can now finally be played in public - in open spaces! Parks with fountains! Picnics! Camping holidays! Day trips to the beach! Now it all makes sense. The sun's out, the trees are green, the sky is blue - all the simple signs of summer (along with the various buzzing insects that keep invading my house) are here and it's time to celebrate that fact.

So anyway there are like probably so many more songs than I think there are which could well describe a summery feeling in musical terms. More than I could find, and in all likelihood more than I could ever listen to in a lifetime. In any case I needn't worry myself about that, and nor should you, because one just does what one can. And here is something extremely tasty: 'Love Strong' by American producer Moon Boots.

It's... well, I've never wanted a beach party (is that a thing?) so much.

The plinky-plonky sounds of the xylophone set this song off to begin with, all shining above a 4/4 house beat. This is soon phased into a funkier groove, with a classic house piano coming in with its major tones of get-up-and-go, sunlight beaming in shutters and half-opened windows; it's a song that close enough kicks you out the house into the world outside.

A vocal sample provides the song's title, 'Love Strong' - not sure where it's from though. The song continues on its jolly direction, halfway between a deep house tune and a 90s dance number, slightly sexy and dripping with groove. The culmination of sounds results in a kinda carnival vibe, organs and pianos and xylophones swirling in their bright tones to get your feet tapping. Lovely stuff innit.

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