Wednesday 5 June 2013


It's always nice to hear a new Mr Oizo song. Last time we heard anything new from him, it wasn't actually anything new and was in fact a compilation called Unreleased Unfinished Unpleasant containing, well, unreleased and perhaps - it was he who said it - some unfinished stuff. Now, this one, 'Secam', is genuinely new. Proper new. New like a new pair of socks or pants. It's a feeling like no other when something so familiar, like underwear, takes on a new form, i.e. that of brand-new shop-bought items. And that's how I feel about this song. It's Oizo, but it's new yo.

BOY IS IT NOISY. IS IT EVER. Ya it sure is. But that is Mr Oizo. Yeah, sure, you could argue that this isn't the typical Oizo of yesteryear, the one who seemed to chop up circuitboards and blend synth notes themselves to get a near-unlistenable sound, something completely erratic and verging on the wtf-is-this-guy-doing vibe. Still interesting listening though wasn't it? But yeah you could say, "oh man he's changed this isn't monsieur oiseau dat i no :/" - but I'd just say whatever. Cause this is a nice song.

As ever, he seems to mix a very dark, aggressive feeling with feel-good funk - a very wrong sounding mix in theory, but one which in practice definitely works. This particular song, 'Secam', has a definite wobbly and slippery synth feel that soon gives way to a frenetic frenzy of synth stabs, chomping vocal samples, clashing razor-sharp hi-hats and fever-pitch bell sounds, a bit like those wind up teeth that clatter along, all to a ground-shaking beat that slaps and thuds its way through. It totally zaps you, going for an all out attack on your little ears. Unrelenting and loud with a funky edge. Yes, it is Mr Oizo.

This actually comes from Ed Rec Vol. X (expected 10th June), which celebrates ten years of Ed Banger Records, alongside other label friends of course, like Justice, Mr Flash and SebastiAn. And, um, you can actually stream it all here, on Electro News's SoundCloud.

btw I think 'Secam' is "séquentiel couleur à mémoire" (sequential colour with memory) - the first colour TV system first used in France (compare PAL and NTSC) cause I was wondering what it was. So there.

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