Saturday 8 June 2013


Here is another lovely song that seems to fit in with the general vibe in the atmosphere and weather at the moment. I believe it is called summer or "Summer". It seems like a nice season. And when you mix nice sounds with it, everything just seems to work. It is like watching a mathematician solve a seemingly difficult sum with ease, except less dusty and much more outsidey and sunshiney. Chips have ketchup. Pools have cocktails. Nice weather has nice music. It is one of the natural orders.

And here we have the weirdly named Wampire, but weird is fine innit, which means that it ain't weird at all cause weird isn't fine, weird is weird. I guess it is from the Dracula-esque pronunciation of 'v' as 'w' (as in "I vill suck yo blood cause I'm a wampire") or how some Latin purists believe that the 'v' in Latin was always pronounced as 'w'. I've never understood the confusion. They are quite different sounds. Whatever.

Linguistics aside, these guys are from Portland in Oregon in USA and here is their song 'Trains'.

It has a lovely DIY sound, in its tinny drum sounds and basic-sounding yet wide, smooth-sailing bass that sweeps a laid-back line throughout the whole song, in its haphazard guitars and reverby vocals that sound faraway and also stay lazy in a cool way. The riff of the guitar is nice, slapdash and sunny, providing the perfect dancing partner to that bass.

It certainly has a hazy rough-around-the-edges sound that one can dip in and out of as easily as a Dorito playing in salsa. Feels nice on the ears and is a good soundtrack to a nice day. Yet it also does what the title says and has a kind of slumpy feel that reminds me of sitting on a bench waiting for a train. There is certainly a slow-travel atmosphere about it, whether that's my imagination or not is neither here nor there because what one thinks of something is all up to their imagination innit. But it is a nice sound that brings me happiness. I hope it also brings the same to you.

It comes from their debut album Curiosity which, if you like this, you should get or at least listen to.

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