Thursday 13 June 2013


Again we have the old "this ain't new" thing here, but it's new for me and it might be maybe new for you too. And it's very very pretty. It comes from a producer called Starlit Everglades and I don't know where they are from because they make it seem as though they might be from Japan but I think they're American or live in America. I just don't know, alright?

Who really cares because it's the internet and everyone's from everywhere anyway. Starlit Everglades likes, amongst other things, swimming, anime and Japan, has a pretty big following on SoundCloud, and makes quite a lot of music - prolific is the word. Yet I think it's that kinda thing where it's kinda hard to find - this kind of stuff exists, seemingly, only in certain pockets of similar interests and stuff. This is a certain brand of chillwave, I guess, drenched in chill with not many traces of any other genre influences in it. In that way you could say that it is quite pure, and that comes across in the sound itself. It is characterised by one major element, which is a sweeping, bubbling, almost living-and-breathing wave of clean, modulating synth.

You can see for yourself. Actually, hear. Here is 'Mylotic'. I am not sure what the title means. I googled it and found that there is a Pokémon called Milotic. But that's not the same.

With sparse beginnings of a thin kick and hi-hat working together, the glassy synth soon comes in - everything from this point develops into quite a grand kind of feel. Perhaps it's to do with the amount of build-up, or the lack of dance elements in the song, but it is one that is more for listening than dancing to and this I would say gives it that grand feeling. But before it gets there, muffled kicks are introduced pushing everything onwards, making ripples in the mesh of synth like whales breaking the surface of a sea. A snare gets dropped in every now and again.

After a break, everything comes back in like a wave crashing on a beach, a dream spilling into real life all at once - snare now rattling underneath a new high-pitched synth that zooms above everything. And as slowly as everything came in at the beginning, so it goes, fading out. It's very pretty music indeed with breathtaking vibes.

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