Tuesday 18 June 2013


This was a nice surprise today. There I was thinking that I had everything planned, but then something catches your eye which then subsequently catches your ear - you know how it goes. DJ Orgasmic (or is it for this song just "Orgasmic"? I dunno) - who is one half of the brains behind nifty Paris record label Sound Pellegrino along with Teki Latex - has created a song with a really nice vibe, something that I felt was initially quite hard to describe because it's not your usual kind of dance music. But I think that's mainly because of the scattered beat, something that actually gives the song an interesting edge.

Beginning as what could easily turn into a drawn-out progressive-techno-house kind of song, 'Diamond Falls' has an unpredictable beat filled by slowly flanging snares and a shifty shuffling set of hi-hat sounds, the percussion holds centre stage for a long time, fizzing distorted cymbals and turntable swipes entering the mix later on. But soon we're into it and a funky synth locks in with the kick drum before giving way to a set of sweeping chords overrun with claps. That's the build up.

The main part of the song consists of synths and punchy bass locking into the off-kilter beat as a foundation, whilst over the top a lovely hollow synth solo plays, really high-pitched, like a character from a video game playing a tiny flute or something - it sounds great, a lovely bit of retro virtuosity. The funky synths in the background have a bolero rhythm, giving the song an instantly danceable appeal despite not being in the traditional four-to-the-floor house standard.

There are nice touches all through this song, various noises that enter the fray like walking through a jungle and hearing different animals and insects making all sorts of different sounds - there are shakers, drips, pops, light vocal samples, all sorts. And this is what makes the song, which starts - and finishes - relatively minimalist, into a rich tapestry of such variegated sounds as to give it the impression that it is teeming with life, or if not life: energy. Nice nice nice.

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