Tuesday 25 June 2013


Who said guitar music was dead? Anyone...? Probably no-one at the moment, but I guess someone said it at one time. And after that it's likely that someone said "who said guitar music was dead?" What's the point of this contrived extrapolation? I don't know. I'm sorry everyone. But guitar music is alive. "The band" as a concept is alive.

Fulfilling that statement is Brooklyn-based quartet Beach Fossils, a band that is very much alive - the proof being in the breakneck-speed, adrenaline-infused live performance of their song 'Careless'. I found this a few days ago and stuck it on my list but my list is like so damn long, so it's taken me a while to get to it - but I like that; each song I come to on the list is like a rediscovery of something good.

I haven't heard the studio version of this song - soz. It's ok though. Don't need a comparison. This live session for LIVE AT BRAUND SOUND (a series of live recordings, derr) is loud and exciting, just how I like it. Get yer ears round this.

Echoing guitars sweep the verse of cobwebs, jangling beside fretting vocals whose reverberations seem to bounce off the walls. Driving it along, like a pair of well oiled V8 engines, are the bass and drums - the former whose pneumatic pattern judders powerfully forward, the latter whose unceasing beat is brutal and induces severe headbanging.

In other words, it's NICE. It brings 80s jangly guitar pop together with pogo-stickin' city punk to create a nostalgically charged banger; it's strange, mellow yet with not-so-mellow sensibilities, like seeing a leaf floating down a stream but on that leaf is drawn an angry face. That kind of vibe. I like it.]

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