Tuesday 11 June 2013


More fun. And I mean like seriously this time. Not that I ever didn't mean it any time before. And I also don't think I've ever said "more fun" either, definitely not to start a post anyway. Well here we are. And there is more fun - really. And this time the fun is from Italy. Wahoo let's go.

This is another one of those guys that comes from one of Saint Pepsi's musical collective machines, not New Generation this time but actually something different called Keats Collective. I am unsure as to whether this is an artist collective or an actual label, because I can't work it out. Oh well. But basically it's a collection of artists who are like-minded and similarly styled, with an emphasis on retro danceable sounds.

One such particular retro danceable sound is indeed the one I am talking about: 'Palm' by Wasted Nights. The real name of this guy is George Rosolac and yes he comes from Italy, a place called Orvieto, but also spends time in London. I could of course be wrong. It's a real nice track in any case.

Starting off with a huge bang, a satisfying wind, the song storms straight into staccato glitch samples and summer song samples. Breathy strings and a passionate saxophone intertwine, repetitions of the slap of the snare drum machine gun across the board alongside a vocal sample that is expertly chopped up and smacked down. It is a song that is full of modern attitude as well as the ambient sounds of an 80s summer smash hit - the energy in this song is pretty astounding. But it is sweet and short. A chopping board of zingy flavours. I could actually listen to that for like triple the time. That'd be a decent time.

There is an EP soon apparently. Let's hope so eh?

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