Wednesday 19 June 2013


I love the art for this song. That's the first thing I'll say - in fact, I've already said it. Cool colours. But this is about the music, not the art, classy as it is.

So yeah anyway this is quite a unique song. The mix of different styles is like a really adventurous milkshake that you've never tried before that overflows with all these zingy and different yet complimentary flavours, tangy yet familiarly sweet.

And that has all been swirled up by an Osaka-based producer and DJ who makes music under the moniker Avec Avec. Starting out in a duo called Sugar's Campaign, he started producing solo tracks in 2011 and now has made an impact just by himself, mixing styles together, bringing the retro forward with a modern mindset. The resulting sound that Avec Avec (real name Takuma Hosokawa) creates is summed up quite nicely in the hip hop/lounge/pop/glitch/80s medley that is 'Only You'.


Resounding lift-music-type keys start us off giving a chilled lounge feel about the song, but then we're taken in a new direction with an explosive hip hop beat. Just after the first third of the song everything spills over and a rapidly cranking hi-hat whizzes overhead above a blissful expansion of glassy synth. A female vocal with occasional subtle harmonies gives the song a pop edge - whoa-ing vocal samples dip in and out. It's a sea of sounds, blipping bubbles of synth jostle with saw-wave chords with wonderfully smart progressions, all to the three-piece-suit swagger of the beat.

At the beginning of the final third we're treated glitchy snippets of chopped up vocal samples and then a drawn out 80s-style synth solo that rises up like a mountain of noise to then fade into a slow spread of bleeps. It's these little bits in the song that give it such a dynamic feel, rising and falling like a really fun water slide, or a person in a rubber ring bobbing up and down wildly in a wave machine. Fun is the right word - I think that just about sums up the vibe in this song.

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