Saturday 8 June 2013

MAY.E あなた [YOU]

Does it really truly matter if you can't understand the words of a song? Is it crucial to your understanding of the song? Surely if the music reflects the lyrics, or if the general mood that song gives you is in line with the intended mood, lyrics included, then an understanding of the lyrics is just a bonus. Right?

I mean there are even some songs in English where you can find it difficult to figure out what the vocals are saying and that's like the only language I really understand - I'm sure that other people would say, "yes this is true". Anyway, my point is, even if you enjoy music from your own language, do you know the lyrics instantly? No. And look at 'Gangnam Style' - not many British people know Korean yet there it was, Number 1.

So with that pre-emptive strike (boom), I present some very very pretty music from may.e. The last song I wrote about of hers was a cutesy-electro rap, but the following is more her style - dreamy and acoustic. It's called 'あなた', which means 'You'.

With effective chord changes and a percussive strumming pattern, the song is entirely acoustic with a gentle guitar melody pinged over the top, with the only other decoration being may.e's drawn out vocals, almost ghostly with their reverberating echoes above the raw guitar. There are some harmonies in the vocals, giving an extra brightness to the sound of her voice, something like slats of light shining in through window shutters that illuminate slow currents of dust. The sound is at once heartfelt yet delicate.

And you can pretty much assume this is a love song. How? Well, "love" is one of the tags on the SoundCloud version of this song. That, and the general tone of the song evokes a kind of longing, something that isn't complete or happy, but not wholly sad either, a kind of void almost - the gap between being alone and being yourself filled by the one you love - in this case: the nameless "you". Is that too deep? Meh whatever, it's a very nice song.

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