Thursday 18 April 2013


Oooh this is a nice surprise. Never did I know that there was this Parisian band called SAUVAGE, and even more so did I not know they had produced this wonderful song called 'Camel'. Well, the fact is that there is a band called such a name who made such a song and it is wonderful.

The moody tribal-type drums are what characterise this track both as something late night utterly underground and gloriously urbanely anthemic at the same time. For me the anthem comes from this thing that is currently making me have a small fit in my chair, and that's the refrain of "Giving it up for the Friday night..." - anyone who's ever had a 9-to-5 Monday-Friday job can relate to this, and that is pretty much... well, not everyone, but a large chunk of people worldwide.

There is undeniable atmosphere in this song. It plays with the dynamic of rough and smooth, in the near-whispering vocals and the blashy bongo hits, in the delicate string-like sounds and the deep bass that underpins everything. Why it's called 'Camel' - who knows. All I know is that it sounds damn darn good yo. Listen up:

Yeah the song is 9 months old, according to SoundCloud, but what do I care? Not much of a jot. Maybe I care like 5%. What I care more about is how good the song sounds. At the start of the last third of this song, for instance, it's all a huge build-up of jostling synth and organ sounds crashing around together, fading into that same sultry smooth vocal refrain that could easily cause an addiction to this song, no matter where you're from.

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