Sunday 28 April 2013


I remember seeing Small Black on the similar artists bit on Spotify when Spotify used to be more navigable and my computer less slow. Can't remember if I listened to them at the time or not but in any case, here they are in my peripheries again. So I decided to write something.

And with this Brooklyn-based band's new song it's not very difficult to like it, that's for sure. 'Free At Dawn' is a really nice mellow song. It is extremely easy on the ears and at the moment it's very early morning as I write this so that is definitely playing to their advantage - though, of course, it can work in a multitude of scenarios no doubt. Though if the title of this song is anything to go by, it's a dawn-time song. In which case I'm late.

Softly juddering 80s style bass synth gallops through the whole song over a wash of synth that comes back in places to build itself up into a hook between choruses and towards the end, where there is a climax of sounds. This is a very pop-oriented song and it's not surprising that it's the first single from their new album Limits Of Desire (out now on Jagjaguwar) - but with its gentle, crooning vocals dripping in reverb and delay, as much of the rest of the song is, its lack of biting snare drum and the general ambience created by the mélange of soft half-polished noises, it's a pop song with a chilled edge. A pop song left in the fridge like a lettuce. Keeps it fresh, keeps it crisp.

Nice video eh? Fits this mellowed chillwave tune just fine. It perfectly depicts the sights of a city at dawn, or at very early morning in any case, when there's no one else about and when the whole 'free' thing is certainly a tangible intangibility. The city and all its trappings, even though nothing's open, is yours - so to speak - and wandering around is quite liberating in its own urban way. Mellow stuff for a mellow subject. Nice!

A good Sunday song, too. I wouldn't know, I have to work today. But on any other Sunday... yeah.

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