Saturday 27 April 2013


Who doesn't love a bit of noise? There's nothing more satisfying sometimes than undergoing a brain operation with a sledgehammer, by which I mean listening to LOUD NOISES! Loud music, should I say. Cause yeah it's music still. Be it Bach or be it Girl Band, it's music.

Speaking of Girl Band, I first heard of them ages ago, think it was on HEALTH's Lastfm page and they came up. It made sense that they did pop up because, well, they're noisy, just like HEALTH. In any case, I was recently notified of their continuing existence and in fact increasing popularity and the fact that they had a few new songs floating around and as such became pretty set on writing about them. I mean, I like their sound a lot. It's kinda... blunt-instrument-scraping-along-a-blackboard-to-a-drumkit-made-of-French-bangers-and-broken-glass, you know, Nirvana-meets-the-21st-Century kinda sound. Grunge-noise? Genre this and genre that.

In October 2012 they released the fabulously titled France 98 EP - which you can download here, free, for reals - and only now am I hearing it... boo hoo. I was gonna write about all of it but I really would write a lot so I have decided to focus on just one track, 'You're A Dog' (although special shout out to last track 'Second One').

Reminds me a little little bit of Nine Inch Nails' 'March Of The Pigs', but aside from that it's a beast unto itself. This Dublin band really know how to make some noise eh? The riffy ultra-twisted-Kinks-style guitar is like a drill or a some kind of angle grinder recorded and put on loop, so lovely is that overdrive. The vocals screech and scratch and everything together would seem rather ungainly if it weren't supposed to sound that way - everything has its place. Damn good grungey sound.

Secondly we have a quite-recent cover of the terrifying 'Why They Hide Their Bodies Under My Garage?' by Blawan. This I really enjoy. It's taken the experimental side of the original and transposed it into sweaty punk noise language. There's still a dance edge with that thumping kick drum, that's for sure, but everything else is pure noise and I love it. The mind-numbing repetition of the eponymous refrain swells and screeches as the song punches its way ahead, all the while overdrive guitars whirlwind like cars in a cheese grater. Though in some ways I prefer their own original stuff, their take on this techno song is really something and reminds me very much of HEALTH, whom I love. Noise noise noise.

Omg not bad amirite? If you like this kind of thing. If not, you're probably thinking 'wtf cuz?!' - then what-the-EVz to you. I'll be skipping along to see Girl Band at the Old Blue Last on 2nd May, next Thursday. They are on tour at the moment so do have a look on their Facebook page below for deets on dat yeah.

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