Monday 15 April 2013


Although the radio can very much be the radio sometimes (you know what I mean), there are thankfully DJs around who seek out and play new music - they make it their mission to always be finding the best music in their field, whether it be dance or rock. Annie Mac is one such DJ for BBC Radio 1 and she pioneers the best and boldest new dance music. She does this thing called Free Music Monday too which gives everyone a chance to download something different for free every Monday - pretty self explanatory.

BTW if you know about Annie Mac and what she does don't feel as though I don't - not everybody who reads, however, will know. Hard to fathom, I know, but remain patient.

This Monday, as in today, she's shared a song by someone who I was just listening to this morning, it's the London purveyor of frosty dance sounds, xxxy (pronounced 'triple-ecksy'), with 'Taking Me Higher'. You can stream AND download this below:

This tune, a never-heard-before track that xxxy has shared, imparts a style that it's difficult to ignore. It's a kind of all-encompassing house that has more than a little garage bite hiding within it, certainly in the beat that skips along and the expertly epic vocal samples. What is great about this track is how he plays around with the unrelenting and trancelike synth stabs throughout its duration, but I think towards the end the true atmosphere of the song shines through, with the rumbling wash of sound trembling below the vocals. It's full of energy and smacks of late nights and street lights.

Oh and don't forget to check in on Annie Mac's SoundCloud for more Free Music Monday tracks and other mixes.

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